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Name: Parent
Heads in the sand
27th July 2015

What is charging £2 for u16s going to do for the promotion of hurling in Antrim? At a time when sentiments towards Antrim hurling are arguably at an all-time low we should be doing everything possible to try and encourage more youngsters to attend games and support their local heroes. In a few weeks time you can take your child to Croke Park and watch the All-Ireland semi-finals for €5 or £3.55 at current rates. This is an 82,000 seated, covered stadium with world class facilities, a million miles from any ground in Antrim. Parents take children to/from training and matches all year racking up hundreds of miles in the process and spend a substantial amount of money buying sticks, helmets, gear etc. They are more than happy to do so but surely the county board should acknowledge this effort and treat large families with some respect. A large family could attend 2/3 separate games in one weekend in both codes, add this up over championship season and it becomes a serious expense for parents. Can I ask who makes these decisions and what interest do they have in promoting Antrim GAA beyond topping up the bank balance???
I believe Antrim GAA have changed their minds and U16's will now be admitted free in Championship matches.
Name: Mal
Can someone please confirm the venue for Monday's U16A Shield Final?
Please note both Shield Finals will not go ahead on Monday 20th July but will be re-fixed to another suitable date.
Name: Henry
If those Americans hadn't met Paul would they have got the story about the Feis?
Was there someone or somewhere that explained the Feis to those attendind?
Name: John
Yes Paul I knew it was Feis weekend. But thousands  of people who have never seen hurling and our traditions should have heard  and be invited to attend. Yes we should have Americans and all nationalities there to savour our games. And we should have our people tell them about our games and heritage. We have an astonishing product and the means at our finger tops to let people know. The Glens are special. Go down the road any day to the Dark Hedges and see the numbers of visitors - from all over the world. What would they make of hurling - a unique experience. Let us hold up our hands and say we are not doing justice to what we are doing during our watch. Look at the diversity of those involved with the Feis way back - who brought us out of our apathy.  Maybe we need to cast the net again and bring in and be more inclusive?
We need to call it as we see it. No we are not doing enough to promote all that is good about our area- and we have that tremenduosly well educated pool of people within our area who could if permitted do a great job. What publicity was available even on this website about Feis 2015?
Name: Paul
will admit that Johns comment regarding the advertising of Feis wasnt great. But John times are achanging the focus is mainly on pitch games. There was activities in the millenium centre as well as the hurling/football./camogie.
The weather also  played a part in ruining things. john im sure you and your club knew about the feis although I wasnt at the opening Im sure it went well. I also fell in with two americans  on sundaywho where passing and after a brief talk to them explaining about our strong hurling culture and history they left with a lot more knowledge about our number one sport in Ireland and feis tradition
Name: John
Think  the PR about the Feis and indeed the structure and staging of the Feis needs to be a mix of some of the past; some of the present and some type of steer for our future. The Feis in the early days had people like Casement - intellegent and well travelled. Today in the Glens we have loads of intelligent and well travelled people. We have so few employment opportunities, pittance in investment  and a people / community organisation like the GAA and the Feis with basically a focus on games. We are meer spectators too long and caught up in believing that our heritage and culture can be served by serving up something that is less than appropriate for our times. If you weren't told it was the Feis would you not just think it was a series of camogie/ hurling games? The Feis had ideals beyond that?
Name: Antrim gael
Just to settle a dispute can you tell me is it legal for a 16 year old to play senior hurling in Antrim?
Under rule an u16 cannot play in a senior competition but an u18 can. This rule will be amended at the end of the year.
Name: Ryan
hey was wondering about the times for feis matches on sat/sun? i would just like to try and sort work around it so i dont miss it. love the feis
Being finalised at the minute and will be released as soon as possible
Name: North Antrim Hound
Just wondering when the line up for the Feis weekend will be released?
Being finalised at the minute and will be released as soon as possible
Name: U14B Coach
Two quick questions:

Where do we email/send results of League Matches to?

We have had some very good games in 14B League but would like to try our hand with some of the teams at the lower end of the league above (friendly matches). Therefore is there league tables anywhere on the website that can be viewed, this would allow me to contact the right teams where hopefully we won't get a hammering.

PS agree with Glensman, Cody was impressed more by the answers from one of our kids when he said his favourite player was Neill McManus and his favourite team was Antrim. Although the kid didn't know what club Neill McManus played for so obviously the kid wasn't from the Glens. Others mentioned Joe Canning and Henry Sheffin, Cork, Kilkenny etc.
Email or text scores to theFixtures Secretary - contact details are on website.
League tables are also on website
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