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Name: Shea Hunter
I think this will be a very big year for the saffron because the amount of young talent coming through is immense, and everyone wants to work hard for the team and put 100% effort in. #upthesaffs #webelieve #yellowandwhitearmy  
Name: Noah Kinney
i see on the website that the board are seeing nominations for the vice chairman position. I believe I could be the vice chairman and I would love to run for the post. how would I go about doing this?
Speak to your Club Secretary
Name: Aaron McBride
Very well said Noah, great character
Name: seamus mcquaid
very well said Noah, these poems are excellent.
Name: Patsy
Well said Noah
Name: noah kinney
would love to hear someone's opinion on this poem I wrote the other day.

The life of farming is different
Than anything else you will see
For you work out with nature
So perfect it is for me

I start my day out very early
Oftentimes in the chilly fog
In the barn I milk the cows
Then dump out feed for the hogs

I smile at the neigh of the horses
As they stumble in their stalls
Waiting for a scoop of grain
As they stand so lovely and tall

I enter the hen house right after
Bold colors streak across the sky
I gather those warm hen eggs
To go with bacon I plan to fry

I welcome the smell of coffee
Bacon and eggs to start the day
No other world would I want
It’s a place I’ll always stay!

by noah kinney cushendun
Name: James
Well said Noah.
Name: noah kinney
I see a lot of comments on here regarding referees, lets remember that referees give up their own time and volunteer to do the job. I myself help referee some matches and I know what it feels like to receive abuse.
here is a poem I wrote about referees.

Before we take the field we pray,
Save us from abuse today.
Save us from disgruntled fans,
From bottles, toilet rolls and cans.
Give my legs the speed to keep the pace,
For the middle of the park is a lonely place.
When the game is over if disaster looms,
Guide us safely to the Dressing Rooms.
Protect my linesmen true and tall,
Let their eyes be sharp for the "off the ball."
To the lads in the dug out seething and fumin',
Remember lads we're only human.
Protect my umpires with their coats so bright,
Let their greens be green and their whites be white.
Let their eye and their vision be straight and true,
Let their errors, if any, be small and few.
And when at last our time is o'er.
And we're waiting at St.Peter's door,
He'll say "come in lads" with eyes full of glee,
"For your hell was on earth, you're the Referee.

noah kinney
Name: Parent in Glenravel
On the topic of Refs, last night the Ref that took charge of the U12 Glenravel v All Saints match took an unacceptable level of abuse both during and after the match from people who should know better. (It was the same ref that was in Loughgiel for their match). Parents and coaches need to understand that as long as the ref is fair to both teams that's what is most important. Applying the four step rule strictly especially went the player is being technical fouled would reduce a match to free after free. Have a look at the way the Waterford v Kilkenny or Galway v Tipp matches were managed by the refs, 6/7 steps were allowed in order to give the player a chance to release ball as he was being technically fouled. If we had more refereeing like last night’s man in the middle we might start catching up on the big boys in the south. I would rather see a fair ref that allows the games to flow than one that is blowing up for everything.
Name: Observer
It would be great to get a report on the Festival of Hurling once the organisers have had a chance to draw breath after last weekend!!!!
Pretty busy this week but photos etc. should be up by end of week.
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