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Name: Breandan Russell
great to see everyone backing their team through thick and thin, and everyone breaking blood, sweat and tears to help their club be successful.
Name: Seamus McQuaid
I believe you would have to speak to your club secretary Noah!!
Name: Breandan Russell
I agree Shea, I would give it another 5 years roughly and the Antrim senior team will be competing for the all- Ireland. #theskyisthelimit #wecandoit #webelieve
Name: Aaron McBride
Yes Shea well said I agree, it is up to the young players of our talented County to step up #upthesaffs
Name: Shea Hunter
I think this will be a very big year for the saffron because the amount of young talent coming through is immense, and everyone wants to work hard for the team and put 100% effort in. #upthesaffs #webelieve #yellowandwhitearmy  
Name: Noah Kinney
i see on the website that the board are seeing nominations for the vice chairman position. I believe I could be the vice chairman and I would love to run for the post. how would I go about doing this?
Speak to your Club Secretary
Name: Aaron McBride
Very well said Noah, great character
Name: seamus mcquaid
very well said Noah, these poems are excellent.
Name: Patsy
Well said Noah
Name: noah kinney
would love to hear someone's opinion on this poem I wrote the other day.

The life of farming is different
Than anything else you will see
For you work out with nature
So perfect it is for me

I start my day out very early
Oftentimes in the chilly fog
In the barn I milk the cows
Then dump out feed for the hogs

I smile at the neigh of the horses
As they stumble in their stalls
Waiting for a scoop of grain
As they stand so lovely and tall

I enter the hen house right after
Bold colors streak across the sky
I gather those warm hen eggs
To go with bacon I plan to fry

I welcome the smell of coffee
Bacon and eggs to start the day
No other world would I want
It’s a place I’ll always stay!

by noah kinney cushendun
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