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Name: Noah Kinney
I am going to be making new hurling sticks in cushendun, they are called whitey hurls and if anyone is interested add me on snapchat- nkinney7 or facebook. would highly recommend folks top quality timber.
Name: Antonio McDonell
Chris keating,i agree I believe that this will be a good year for the saffs. Good luck in 2017 folks
Name: Chris Keating
I would like to wish everyone a happy new year, and I believe that this year will be our year #upasaffs17
Name: ruairi mc auley
I am thinking of setting up an u10/12 blitz for the north Antrim clubs. I have sent out emails to the club secretary's but I have heard no responses. if anyone is interested or wants to hear more information you can contact me on 07871478440
Ruairi you need to speak to someone on the North Antrim Executive.
Name: Aaron McBride
It has stood for decades along the county gravel road.
Skittering mice and barn owls now call it their abode.

What was once a stately building is now a shambles,
Surrounded by barren fields and prickly brambles.

Where once its weather-boarding was a bright cherry-red,
Due to the ravages of time, they're now a silvered-gray instead.

Yet can be seen a faded Mail Pouch Tobacco sign on its weathered side,
And a rusty weather-vane twisting in the wind, though a bit cockeyed!

Seasons of howling gales have striven to raze its sturdy oaken beams,
But they've held the old barn together though straining at its seams.

Its cavernous lofts once abounded with fragrant alfalfa hay,
That provided children a playground on many a rainy day.

It sheltered horses, sheep and cattle on frigid winter nights,
And for lack of electricity, it was lit by flickering lantern lights.

It was built when neighbors helped neighbors who were skilled,
At wielding hammer and saw and cherished great pride in their guild.

This poem has influenced my hurling career and has inspired to try my best every time I step on the pitch, hopefully it does the same for the saffron county #saffsabu
Name: Callum stringer
i heard youse are looking a fresh young goalkeeper, they don't call me 'Safety Hands Stringer' for
Name: breandan russell
don't be a negative nelly jonny boi! if you don't believe you can not achieve! and if you cannot achieve you cannot succeed!
Name: breandan russell
don't be a negative nelly jonny boi! if you don't believe you can not achieve! and if you cannot achieve you cannot succeed!
Name: Darach edward o'mullan
Garron tower's performance yesterday was scarier than my dancing at the formal, well done lads .
Name: Patsy McAuley
well done to garron tower in the Mageean semi final , you boys gave us a good game and a battle. Hope you boys bring her home , like I bring the ladies  home ;) good luck #BMR
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