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Name: Dunloy
I see our u16 hurlers are down to play Rossa this sunday in the All County Champ final so can you tell me whats happening about which fixture is going to be played.  
The All County fixture will be played and the North Antrim fixture refixed.
Name: crisis
Would be good if our GAA clubs were involved in doing something for the refugee crisis?
Name: Improving standards
Improving standards
2nd September 2015

This is a post from another site about improving standards in sport and from the other side of the world but to me it seemed worthy of posting here...

One solution
Regional development Schools (for all player standards, not just elite) I'm now living in the US, my son plays the ground ball. New York Red Bulls have set up a structure where the have about 20 RDS operating in the NJ area. The kids go, are placed according to ability, and then go through a 12 week development program. This actually helps the local clubs, (e.g a number of your team goes to a RDS, where they receive superior technical training along with kids of other local clubs) I believe that one way to improve the standard of hurling across clubs is to set this kind of development structure, so instead of county development teams, we should set up a club development program focusing on player development of both county and non county standard hurlers, develop everybody, give all clubs the opportunity to participate and within ten years, the standard should improve ,
Name: Patrick
Is there feedback on our performances in the competitions that were played at the weekend?
I think we need feedback to enable coaches to concentrate on areas of weakness?
It is only through this type of assessment that we can improve or is it just lack of playing together.
I suspect there are more inherent weaknesses? In the interests of improvement is there a means of channeling this information back to clubs?
Name: Well done
Well played to our Under 21 hurlers  who battled bravely on Saturday. Nothing better than seeing a team try when they are really up against it. Just think what we could do if we channelled all our negativity and pulling apart into work for the benefit of Antrim GAA?
Name: Up Antrim
Best wishes to our Under 21 hurlers on Saturday.
Hope our hurlers can prove people wrong and do themselves and us Antrim GAA people proud.
Up Antrim.
Name: Jim
Kevin Ryan's comments are harsh but that is how it would appear to many others also?
If we in North Antrim are part of the problem then we need to be also part of the solution?
Seems that we waste talent and input without reaping rewards?
Name: Coach
This is a post from another site and  raises good questions...

Hi everyone,
I'm wondering how to other clubs group and structure their 5-8 year olds? At the moment we have two groups of approx. 20 kids each roughly divided into U6 & U8 by age. What I am beginning to realise however is this is not the best way of dividing. We have lots of 6 year olds who have the fundamental movement skills and need to move on to the next level and equally we have some 7 and even 8 year olds who have yet to master these basics and are struggling in the current U8 group. My fear is we will lose these players as they are getting frustrated however it is difficult to bring them back to the first group as they are called the U6 group. Also, we have 6 year olds getting very frustrated at not moving on skills wise.
I am beginning to think we should treat the 5-8 year olds as one group and then sub divide according to ability calling the groups a name that doesn't make anyone feel they are not "good enough". I would love to hear people's thought on this topic and how other clubs structure their academy.
Name: Congratulations
Congratulations must be given to the North Antrim Board & Development Committee for the work that went into running the weekend past. Although I was unable to attend the feedback has been fantastic and the efforts of Declan and others should reap benefits for NA hurling in years to come and it would be great for these development squads continue to flourish.
Name: Coach
"If this is what these young lads are capable of now, just image what they will be like once they hit senior level if they keep at it. "
The chances are that they will be nowhere near their Southern counterparts- not because of their capability now but because we don't have coaches, competition structures and so on to bring them to that level. It is fine to imagine, dream but this is Antrim and the future will in all probability follow pattern of past unless we can radically change many things.
Even the standard of coaching within many development squads has in the past has been bordering on the ridiculous at times. Closing the gap needs a re- assessment of how we coach the coaches?
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